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Interface: SignedASID

Represents app-scoped user id of current player along with a signature to verify that it indeed comes from Facebook.

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asid: string

The ID of the player.


signature: string

A signature to verify this object indeed comes from Facebook. The string is base64url encoded and signed with an HMAC version of your App Secret, based on the OAuth 2.0 spec.

You can validate it with the following 4 steps:

  • Split the signature into two parts delimited by the '.' character.
  • Decode the first part (the encoded signature) with base64url encoding.
  • Decode the second part (the response payload) with base64url encoding, which should be a string representation of a JSON object that has the following fields: ** algorithm - always equals to HMAC-SHA256 ** issued_at - a unix timestamp of when this response was issued. ** asid - the app-scoped user id of the player.
  • Hash the whole response payload string using HMAC SHA-256 and your app secret and confirm that it is equal to the encoded signature.
  • You may also wish to validate the issued_at timestamp in the response payload to ensure the request was made recently.

Signature validation should only happen on your server. Never do it on the client side as it will compromise your app secret key.