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Interface: ErrorMessage

Error message that is thrown by the SDK. Some messages are re-thrown from platform SDKs. Error codes:

  • AUTH_IN_PROGRESS The game attempted to show an authentication prompt, but a prompt to authenticate is already in progress.
  • AUTH_NOT_ENABLED The game attempted to perform an operation that requires authentication, but the game has not enabled authentication.
  • CLIENT_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION The client does not support the current operation. This may be due to lack of support on the client version or platform, or because the operation is not allowed for the game or player.
  • INITIALIZATION_ERROR The SDK failed to initialize, this can occur if the Wortal SDK encountered an error during initialization or if the platform SDK failed to initialize.
  • INVALID_OPERATION The requested operation is invalid for the current game state. This may include requests that violate limitations, such as exceeding storage thresholds, or are not available in a certain state, such as making a context-specific request in a solo context.
  • INVALID_PARAM The parameter(s) passed to the API are invalid. Could indicate an incorrect type, invalid number of arguments, or a semantic issue (for example, passing an unserializable object to a serializing function).
  • LEADERBOARD_NOT_FOUND No leaderboard with the requested name was found. Either the leaderboard does not exist yet, or the name did not match any registered leaderboard configuration for the game.
  • LEADERBOARD_WRONG_CONTEXT Attempted to write to a leaderboard that's associated with a context other than the one the game is currently being played in.
  • LINK_IN_PROGRESS The game attempted to show an account linking prompt, but a prompt to link accounts is already in progress.
  • NETWORK_FAILURE The client experienced an issue with a network request. This is likely due to a transient issue, such as the player's internet connection dropping.
  • NOT_SUPPORTED Function or feature is not currently supported on the platform currently being played on.
  • OPERATION_FAILED The operation failed, this is typically thrown during a failed web request and the message may include additional details about the failure.
  • PAYMENTS_NOT_INITIALIZED The client has not completed setting up payments or is not accepting payments API calls.
  • PENDING_REQUEST Represents a rejection due an existing request that conflicts with this one. For example, we will reject any calls that would surface a Facebook UI when another request that depends on a Facebook UI is pending.
  • RATE_LIMITED Some APIs or operations are being called too often. This is likely due to the game calling a particular API an excessive amount of times in a very short period. Reducing the rate of requests should cause this error to go away.
  • SAME_CONTEXT The game attempted to perform a context switch into the current context.
  • TOURNAMENT_NOT_FOUND No tournament with the given ID was found. Either the tournament does not exist yet, or has expired.
  • UNKNOWN An unknown or unspecified issue occurred. This is the default error code returned when the client does not specify a code.
  • USER_ALREADY_AUTHENTICATED The game attempted to authenticate a user, but the user is already authenticated.
  • USER_INPUT The user made a choice that resulted in a rejection. For example, if the game calls up the Context Switch dialog and the player closes it, this error code will be included in the promise rejection.
  • USER_NOT_AUTHENTICATED The game attempted to perform an operation that requires authentication, but the user is not authenticated.

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code: string

Code for the error.


context: string

Context details about the error.


message: string

Message details about the error.


url: string

URL to the relevant API docs.