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Interface: SharePayload

Payload for context.shareAsync. Defines the message to be sent to the context.

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Optional cta: string | LocalizableContent

Text of the call-to-action button.


Optional data: Record<string, unknown>

Object passed to any session launched from this context message. Its size must be <=1000 chars when stringified. It can be accessed from Wortal.session.getEntryPointData().


Optional description: string | LocalizableContent

Optional customizable text field in the share UI. This can be used to describe the incentive a user can get from sharing.


Optional filters: [ContextFilter]

An array of filters to be applied to the friend list. Only the first filter is currently used.


Optional hoursSinceInvitation: number

Specify how long a friend should be filtered out after the current player sends them a message. This parameter only applies when NEW_INVITATIONS_ONLY filter is used. When not specified, it will filter out any friend who has been sent a message.

PLATFORM NOTE: Viber only.


image: string

Data URL of base64 encoded image to be displayed. This is required for the payload to be sent.


Optional intent: "INVITE" | "REQUEST" | "CHALLENGE" | "SHARE"

Message format to be used. There's no visible difference among the available options.


Optional minShare: number

Defines the minimum number of players to be selected to start sharing.


Optional playerIds: string[]

Optional property to directly send share messages to multiple players with a confirmation prompt. Selection UI will be skipped if this property is set.

PLATFORM NOTE: Viber only.


Optional shareDestination: ShareDestination[]

An optional array to set sharing destinations in the share dialog. If not specified all available sharing destinations will be displayed.

PLATFORM NOTE: Facebook only.


Optional switchContext: boolean

A flag indicating whether to switch the user into the new context created on sharing.

PLATFORM NOTE: Facebook only.


text: string | LocalizableContent

A text message, or an object with the default text as the value of 'default' and another object mapping locale keys to translations as the value of 'localizations'.


Optional ui: "DEFAULT" | "MULTIPLE"

Optional property to switch share UI mode.

  • DEFAULT: Serial contact card with share and skip button.
  • MULTIPLE: Selectable contact list.